I have an ideaActually  I have too many ideas. I tried to implement them all at once for the launch date, honestly I did! When I came down to earth and my logical brain took over (I hate that when that happens) I decided to launch four programs to start with. They are, “The Butterfly Sisterhood”, “Group Workshop”, “Technique Tuesday”, and “Best Friend Forever”.

Here is the scoop. The “Butterfly Sisterhood Program will be a weekly gathering of like minded, creative, beautiful women. The sisters in this program will create, connect and inspire each other. Not to mention, all  participants will have a beautiful safe space to create in and you will have access to my abundance of art supplies that I want to share. I use the word abundance, instead of addiction, regarding art supplies because that just sounds better. Seriously, I have a problem, I stopped counting my rubber stamps, after two hundred. Just telling you like it is sister.

The Group Workshop, will be a gathering of six participants. This workshop will take the “fear” out of creating a canvas piece. I will literally teach a step by step process from beginning to the end. Think about the paint by number sets we used to have when we were kids. Ok, now I know I am really showing my age here. At the end of the workshop, all the women will go home with a beautiful canvas piece that they would be very proud to hang on their walls.

Techniques Tuesday! The title tells it all. I am a techniques junkie and I would love to share what I have learned over the years. This workshop will be held on Tuesday (I know you figured that out already). I will hold one class during the day and one class during the evening. I will teach a mixed media technique that you will be able to put in your “tool box” to pull it out whenever you need it. This class includes all of the supplies and you will go home with a 4×6 sample of the technique, with the step by step instructions written on the back. Just so you don’t forget, like I do.

The “BFF Party“. This workshop is for you and your best friend to enjoy the entire studio to yourselves.(Whoops and me, of course) I will teach you both a step by step project and you well end up with a beautiful finished piece. A few of the workshops will include, canvas pieces, handmade journals, smash books and necklaces. This will be an experience for you and your best friend that you will cherish for many years to come.

Ok, if that wasn’t enough to wet your creative appetite, that is ok, because I will be launching more programs over this coming year.

The Studio awaits you. There will be creativity, aromatherapy, soothing (or not so soothing) music, coffee, tea, and maybe a cupcake or two, because I LOVE CUPCAKES!

I can’t wait to get this party started. More details coming soon with more information and photo’s of the projects.