Schools Out for Summer!

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imagesWhen I typed out the title of this post, it brought me back to an old seventies song by Alice Cooper. I loved singing that song, especially on the last day of school. My friends and I would BELT IT OUT, loud, along with the eight track blaring on our car stereos. Yep, I pretty much just dated myself, but that’s ok.

I want to share a neat fact about Alice Cooper. He is the muscian that was known to bite heads off of snakes, during his live concerts.  That was crazy shit back then, and it was considered CRAZY COOL [icon icon=icon-thumbs-up-alt size=14px color=#000 ]. Yes, I was a rebel and I’m proud to say, I still am.

Anyway, back to the story of how my friends and I loved to sing along, out loud, to our rock music. No inhabitions about our singing voice, or if others were judging us. We didn’t care, we were free! Free of school, free of homework, free of responsibility. Now I look back and laugh, I mean, how much responsibilty did I really have back then.

Now, summer is still a time where I feel free. Free to go outside for a walk, enjoy the warmth of the sun and relax, reflect and enjoy all the things that come with the season of summer.

Sadly, living in Northern BC, we only have 3 months of summer. Three months, I am sure, that people would rather be outside enjoying these few precious months of summer, rather than sitting in a studio. I get that.

So that being said, please enjoy all the joy that summer has to offer and I am looking forward to seeing all you lovely people this fall if not before!

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