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I have an ideaI really do have an idea! Actually it is more a dream of mine, a dream I’ve had for many years, but I was too a-scared to do it. While researching, I learned the top regrets people have, when facing death, is two things.

Number one, they spend far too much time at the workplace. Number two, that they did not do something that they really wanted to do. I already have one of those regrets, that’s too late because the past cannot be changed.  But, the number two regret I had, could be changed.

The thing that I have always wanted to do, ok, not always, but for 7 years now, is to create a community art space for women. I wanted to inspire other women to be creative and to facilitate the transformative power that creativity can bring, not to mention, the power of connection and the power of community.

One would think, with social media, we are more connected than ever. I do believe this to be true, on a global level, but I also think the  connection links between, on another, have been weakened on a community level. Remember when we’d meet new friends, visit face to face and have a cup a coffee together, or at the very least, heaven forbid, talk on the phone  I believe that level of communing together is a very important part of our lives, and we are missing that. So, on one small level, this is my solution to the problem. At least here in my local community of Prince George, BC and the surrounding area.

So, I got busy, with a little help from my friends, and we created a beautiful, inspiring environment where women can gather together. I envision the art studio space as a place where women can meet new friends, explore their creativity, learn, laugh and most importantly play.

For me, I relate playing to being young and free and uninhabited. Who couldn’t use more of that in their lives? I know I could! It was also important for me that the studio  stimulate all of our five senses; taste, touch, smell, sound, sight. After all, women are very sensual beings. Therefore, along with workshops, the studio environment will also have aromatherapy, music, treats, books, and warmth!

Not that long ago, in a million years (ok, so that is long) I would never have guessed I was an artist. Mostly because I thought that you had to know how to draw (realistically) to be a REAL artist. Then I found mixed media, and now I know that limiting belief is no longer true. You would think once I hit that insight, I would just go for it and do it. Nope, not a chance. Fear held me back. Fear of making bad art, fear or not knowing how, fear I was going to do it wrong, and the list went on.

I finally learned that making art takes courage, to combat that fear. The second thing I learned was I needed to surround myself with support. Supportive people and a supportive environment, along with accountability, is always a good thing, for me. This is a  dream I have for myself, and this is a dream I have for you too, because life is too short for regrets, especially ones we can change.

So if you are feeling like you are ready for a change, registration for workshops opens January 20th, 2014. Workshops begin February 3rd, 2014. I am really looking forward to sharing my knowledge, and my beautiful studio with all of you.



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