Follow Your heART

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Week One CanvasFollow your heART. Easy to say, hard to do. Why? Plain and simple, doing art takes courage because it comes from the heart. Our hearts are  vulnerable and it is risky to expose our heart to the world. To broaden this subject further, “Creativity takes courage.” This is a quote from Henri Matisse, a famous French artist.

I decided if I was going to ask this of my future students, I’d expect this of myself first.  I asked myself, “How can I be more courageous?” I know in the last two years I had mustered up courage, facing cancer, doing art, and not just collecting art supplies and reading books. Starting this new business took tremendous courage, but I wanted to step it up one more notch.

Even though I was a-scared, I enrolled in a 48 week course, online, with Donna Downey, my personal guru. Although the students are free to use whatever medium they choose to complete the lessons, the course suggests a A3 Moleskine sketchbook. This sketchbook opens to 11 3/4″ x 16 1/2″. While shopping at Michaels, I found a canvas that was 12″ x  22″ inches in size. I finished the first assignment on this canvas as the other students in the class were almost completing lesson number four.

It took me longer than some, to muster the courage to complete that first assignment, and I am ok with that. Actually, I am really proud of myself, because I know that turtle steps are better than no steps at all. Now, I am so excited, I have committed myself to completing all the 48 weeks on canvas. Talk about going from turtle steps to a giant leaps! I am learning that turtle steps leads to confidence, and confidence leads to giant leaps.

I hope this encourages you to take turtle steps towards your courage to create.

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