Butterfly Sisterhood Update

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Butterfly JournalThe Butterfly Sisterhood group launched this month, and it is off to a great start. I extended the ending time to 12:30 pm instead of 12:00 pm, because we found it was just not enough time. (like there ever will be!)

As promised, I brought a  new “toy” to play with, each week. The first week’s ‘toy’ were stamps. Rubber and acrylic stamps. I taught the group how to rubber stamp, and how to stamp using acrylic blocks. The participants also learned the difference between, dye ink, pigment ink and permanent ink. Not to stop there, I pulled out a rainbow of embossing powders and the students learned how to heat emboss, using a heat embossing gun and their new rubber stamp techniques.

The studio toy, for the second week, were stencils. The butterfly sisters learned how to stencil, using acrylic paint, and how to layer with the stencils, using featherweight joint compound.

Each person in the the group brings their own projects to the studio, to work on, where I am there to guide and assist. The greatest part is, we are all learning from each other.

There is creativity, learning, connection and fun happening in the studio on Monday mornings. I can’t quite put my finger on how to describe the mood during these hours, that seem to go by so quickly. It is like there is a lightness in the air, a time to forget about the worries of the day, a time to make time to play, relax and have fun together.

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