First off, I am a life coach, twice certified with Erickson College in Vancouver, BC and with Martha Beck. I am a writer (published in a local health magazine), previous founder of Soul Power and the Prince George Stitchery Guild. Also, I am a public speaker, art workshop teacher, personal growth facilitator, miniaturist, needle worker, and a mixed media artist. I love anything to do with mixed media and I am not ashamed to admit (ok, maybe a little) that I am a techniques junkie, and a hoarder of art supplies.  I love collage; art journaling, canvas work, and anything to do with making books and altering books.

Hi lovee’s, my name is Sandee, that’s right with two e’s. I know the spelling of my name (and other words) are quite unique, as so am I, and so are you, for that matter.

Since this page is supposed to be about me, I better get to the task of describing myself, so you can get a better sense of who I am. Hmm, who am I? That used to be a big scary question for me.  With good reason, last time I asked that question, with my whole heart, all chaos broke loose in my life.

At mid age I lost my twenty-five year career in the lumber industry. When this happened, I felt depressed and lost. I didn’t know who I was anymore because I totally identified myself with my career. Soon after, I took a career directions course at the college. After six weeks of extensive testing, I found out I was in the wrong career for 25 years. Hello, did you hear the part about 25 years! I was way, way off course. Turns out I was meant to be an actor, artist, and writer.  Who knew, certainly not me! No wonder why I always felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

Now, years later, I am happy to tell you I have many different ways of describing myself.  I am a: mother, wife, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, friend, late bloomer, teacher, life coach, artist, and blog writer. I wish I could add photographer to this list, but I am just a point and shoot, hope for the best, type of girl.

On a more serious note, there is one more word that I didn’t put on the list above that I need to add, and that word is, cancer survivor. I guess technically that would be two words but it feels like it should only be one. That being said, I am happy to say, after receiving chemo and radiation treatment, I have been in remission for two years now.

Undoubtedly, cancer was the worst thing that has ever happened to me and unquestionably, one of the best things that has ever happened to me. The best thing about this experience was it revealed to me what was most important. It cut to the chase, it came right down to it, two things, two things that mattered most in life, “love” and “regret.”

In retrospect, I knew I loved with all my heart and was loved; it was the “regret” I couldn’t live with. One regret I wished I could change, was not following the dream that I had in my heart for many years. Quite frankly, I didn’t follow this particular dream because I didn’t have the courage or the faith.  I secretly made a vow to myself that when I got better, I would make sure I’d never have this same regret again. This was one regret I knew, in my heart, I could change.

So, this is what brought me here, today, sharing my dream with you.

Currently, I am creating a beautiful and safe space, a community art studio, for women to connect together, create together, heal together and transform together and most importantly, laugh together.  Together, we can accomplish great things. “To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act.” -Anatole France- French novelist.

This is my dream, this is my action.